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Why Vectr?

We believe that there are a ton of questions that never get asked. Sometimes you're afraid to ask. Sometimes you don’t know who to ask. And sometimes you don't get the opportunity to ask. We believe that, if we can empower people to ask those questions, we can improve knowledge sharing and access to information.

Vectr is about creating a space where everyone has the opportunity and the courage to ask important questions. And thanks to AI, you don't have to worry about who to ask.

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Vectr Networks.

Employees can now ask difficult questions about company culture and strategy. Leaders can gather anonymous feedback before an all hands. It's focused Q&A without distractions.

Use Vectr to increase the flow of useful information across your organization. The possibilities are endless!

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Designed To Empower.

Every detail of Vectr has been optimized to make knowledge sharing more accessible and efficient.
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Create a safe space for free and unfettered knowledge sharing.
The experience is unique to every individual and organization.